Dr. Marco Gonzalez
Dr. Marco Gonzalez
Milan Medical Aesthetics at Western Vascular Institute

Skin Tightening

Tighten and Tone the Skin with Venus Freeze

Our skin is amazingly elastic, rebounding and keeping its shape as we move through our everyday activities. Unfortunately, it can also lose its natural resilience and become overstretched. Most commonly a result of the natural aging process and often in response to rapid weight gain and loss, slackened skin can make us appear saggy as though we do not quite fit in our clothes.

Today, there are more options than ever for skin-lifting and tightening treatments. While some individuals opt for surgery, more and more people are choosing non-surgical alternatives to address loose skin. If you are looking for a non-invasive skin tightening treatment that can improve skin laxity and overall quality, Venus Freeze can deliver dramatic results—without the risks and complications of surgery. Milan Medical Aesthetics at Western Vascular in Mesa, AZ is pleased to offer the state-of-the-art Venus Freeze treatment, one of the most current innovations in skin-tightening technology.

Where it works. Venus Freeze is a safe treatment that can improve the appearance of the skin anywhere on the body. However, the treatment especially benefits areas that are more vulnerable to age-related skin laxity and stretched skin due to weight fluctuation. These areas include:

  • The face. During the aging process we lose the suppleness in our face which leads to a depleted, gaunt and drawn appearance, especially in the mid-facial area.
  • The neck. The neck area is particularly sensitive to aging. The Venus Freeze treatment can help reduce the appearance of hanging skin around the neck, including a double chin.
  • The abdomen. Especially effective on post-pregnancy skin, Venus Freeze can ameliorate the appearance of excess skin due to overstretching. Because of its unique technology, Venus Freeze doubles as a body contouring treatment, making it especially powerful in areas where fat deposits and loose skin coexist giving the appearance of wrinkled, dimpled skin.
  • Thighs. When skin loses its suppleness in the thighs, the result can be areas of wrinkly, dimpled skin. Venus Freeze can help restore the smoothness to skin by making it more taut.
  • Glutes. Toning exercises can often transform the gluteals and give them shape. But sagging skin can reduce the impact of even the most rigorous routine. Venus Freeze can give that extra lift by addressing skin that has lost elasticity.
  • Hips. As the body ages, it can develop folds of skin in the hip area and mid-section. This is particularly common if there has been a fluctuation in weight. Venus Freeze can help improve the appearance of moderately downward sloping skin.
  • Love handles. Common in men and women, excess fat and drooping skin around the waistline have become charmingly known as love handles. But most would simply love to rid themselves of them. Venus Freeze can address the overall shape of the area and regenerate the skin so that it maintains a structure.
  • Saddle bags. As one of the toughest fat deposits to treat, saddle bags (the excess fat around the hip and thighs) can make the skin look unevenly stretched. Venus Freeze can help reduce the underlying fatty deposits below and firm up the skin. The result is sculpted and sleek.
  • Cellulite. Often seen in the buttocks and thighs, cellulite—which gives an unsightly dimpled appearance—can be present in individuals of all shapes and sizes. Venus Freeze can simultaneously reduce the fatty areas that cause the lumpiness and smooth out the skin.

How it works. Using Multi-Polar Radio Frequency technology combined with Pulsed Magnetic Fields, the Venus Freeze device efficiently delivers heat energy to the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and new elastin fibers and prompting the body’s natural healing mechanisms. The chain of events encourages the skin to regenerate, leading to firmness, tightness, and improved texture in the targeted treatment areas.

The Venus Freeze treatment experience. The Venus Freeze treatment is a highly comfortable procedure. Neither numbing creams nor local anesthesia is necessary. To begin the session, a topical gel is applied to the skin so that the Venus Freeze device can easily move over the treatment area. During the session, patients will feel some warming as the device glides over the surface of the skin. Many patients liken the sensation to a relaxing hot stone massage. Multiple appointments are necessary and patients will see the visible skin tightening results after a recommended series of weekly sessions. Venus Freeze has some great advantages. The treatment can:

  • Tighten and tone the skin
  • Contour the body as it tightens
  • Be performed during a lunch break appointment

If you would like to learn more about the Venus Freeze treatment and how it can help tighten, tone, and contour your body, contact us at Milan Medical Aesthetics in Arizona for a consultation.