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Dr. Marco Gonzalez
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How Cosmetic Procedures Can Help Improve Psychological Well-Being

As people generally seek cosmetic involvements to feel better about themselves, they would expect that cosmetically successful procedures would lead them to enhanced self-esteem, mood, as well as social confidence, since most of the people believe that by looking and feeling good, you surely have much more reasons to feel positive and can definitely improve your psychological well-being. A cosmetic procedure or also commonly referred as a cosmetics surgery, is a voluntary medical procedure that is performed to a person’s normal parts or area of the body with the sole purpose of improving one’s appearance, including the effort of removing signs of aging. In the United States alone, almost 11 million cosmetic procedures have been performed in 2006, and the number was significantly increased in the following year of 2007, to nearly 12 million procedures. Based on the studies spanning for four decades, most people that have been undergoing cosmetic interventions are satisfied with the result. As the perception of most people, women are more likely than men to seek cosmetic surgery for work-related reasons, the national survey conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) revealed actually, 30% of men responding are more likely than 14% women to say they wanted facial cosmetic surgery for work-related reasons, being the five most commonly performed surgeries are the breast augmentation, liposuction, abdominoplasty, and nasal and eyelid surgery based on the statistics reviewed by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Laith Barnouti from the Sydney Plastic Surgery operating in Sydney, Australia, would be the right person to consult if you are looking for a reliable doctor in Sydney, Australia, to do a breast augmentation procedure, which is also known as breast enlargement or enhancement. An implant procedure to enhance both the size and the shape of your breasts. This procedure is commonly being chosen to lift a sagging bust line, enhance smaller breasts, or to create more symmetrical breasts. A similar procedure, among others available, is also provided by Dr. Ronald E Moser and his partner Dr. S. Allan Kane, Jr from the Aesthetic Care Cosmetic Surgery Institute. The best possible result at affordable prices including a limited lifetime guarantee is being offered to ensure it’s worth the effort of visiting if you are in the area of California’s Orange County.

Besides specializing on the above-mentioned cosmetic procedure, Dr. Laith Barnoutiis also a fully qualified plastic surgeon of female genital cosmetic procedures such as vaginal restorative, designer vaginal procedures including vaginal rejuvenation, a restoration procedure of appearance and function of female genitalia through a variety of procedures.

Serving the area of Hackensack, Manhattan, New York City and the surrounding, in the US, Dr. Robert J. Morin provides a wide range of cosmetic and complex reconstructive surgical procedures on the faces of adults and children. Besides breast augmentation, he is also commonly known to perform rhinoplasty or usually known as ‘nose-job’, blepharoplasty, rhytidectomy or facelift as well as a ‘tummy tuck’ procedure or abdominoplasty.

For cosmetic dentistry procedures in the Beverly Hills area in California, the Signature Dental of the Beverly Hills Dentist offers a modern dentistry including a complete list of general, restorative as well as cosmetic dentistry procedures to meet the needs a complete member of the family. Dr. Ruxandra Costescu focuses on high quality esthetic, restorative and implant dentistry, such as Invisalign, Porcelain Crowns and Fixed Bridges, dental implants and other procedures, which are intended to create a better natural smile on the face.