Dr. Marco Gonzalez
Dr. Marco Gonzalez
Milan Medical Aesthetics at Western Vascular Institute

Epidermal Resurfacing

Epidermal Resurfacing also known as Dermaplaning and Epidermal Leveling is a manual exfoliation with a medical instrument that removes dead skin cells to reveal a softer, smoother feel and brightened complexion.

Can be enjoyed as a soloist or in combination with any of our other treatments as a prep to magnify results.

An added bonus is that it removes the bothersome fine vellous hairs that cover the face.

Can be tailored to accommodate every skin type including Rosacea, facial spider veins, sensitive skin, or reactive skin.

Results to be expected: softened texture, minimization of fine lines and wrinkles, leaves skin looking and feeling noticeably brighter and refreshed.


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